401k for small business less than 10 employees

401k for small businesses – Through integration and automation, we’ve created an entirely new way to save for retirement account. Whether you need a 401k for small business less than 10 employees or for 200. We can save you money and time. through our tax deductible process you will save while you save.

$9 dollars a month per employee with a balance

with our small business 401 k plan, you can have a big plan at a small price


One of the most effective ways to simplify compliance while still taking advantage of the incredible tax savings a 401(k) offers.


Pay taxes now or later, decide what makes the most sense for each individual situation.


Access 401(k) money to pay doctor bills or buy a house, and the interest paid goes back in the 401(k)!


Bonus employees in a way that can help their future self. Business owners can also put away up to $56,000 per year.*


Get employees to really care about the 401(k), come up with a match that will get them excited to jump in the retirement savings game!


Sick of getting statements from all over the place unsure of where your retirement money is. Roll all of them over into one account for FREE.

Plan administrators can manage all aspects of the company plan, verify compliance, chat with support, generate reports and access necessary documents all from a simple and friendly interface.


Most 401(k) plans allow participants to select from a limited list of a few funds. Our process is much more customized. We ask every participant a few questions to determine their risk tolerance and then couple that with census data to offer a portfolio designed specifically for their needs.

401k For Small Business Less Than 10 Employees

Offering a 401(k) to your employees sends a powerful statement. It demonstrates that you care about their future with your company—and beyond. They can help employees save for retirement while also providing tax benefits and an useful recruiting and retention tool for your company.


At a glance participants can see how their portfolio is doing, how much they’ve saved, and can quickly and easily make changes to contribution amounts and investments.


$9 per employee per month. ZERO setup fee, ZERO minimums, ZERO bond fee, ZERO Advisor fee, ZERO 5500 fees, ZERO BS!


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