• Payroll & Tax Compliance

Payroll & Tax Compliance


Payroll and Tax Compliance

Here’s is the difference.


No call centers or 800 numbers. You will have our direct numbers calling or texting.


You will never work with entry-level, high turnover call center associates. We only employ college-educated professionals.


You will not get moved around, You will work with the same payroll specialist from on-board to managing your account. 

Here are the services our clients enjoy

Complete Support
We are a full-service payroll company and support all 50 states.

Dedicated Payroll Specialists
You will have payroll specialists responsible for your account that actually cares. You won’t be assigned a new representative every 3 months.

Garnishment Service
We calculate all types of garnishments and provide electronic garnishment services for child support.

New Hire Reporting
All states require that new hires are reported to the new hire registry. We handle this reporting for you.

W-2s at Year-End
We file your W-2 forms at the end of every year and provide them to each of your employees in their online portals.

Payroll Reports
You will have access to many reports within your client portal and payroll reports will be emailed to you after each payroll is processed.

Direct Deposit
Direct deposit services are always included no additional charge.

Employee Portals
Employee have their own logins to view pay stubs and W-2s at their convenience.

Paperless Process
Who needs additional paper? We process your payroll, email your reports, and provide online access to your tax forms, in a safe secure environment.

Quarterly Tax Filing & Deposits
We will ensure your payroll is calculated accurately, file all your state and federal payroll tax forms, and deposit your tax liabilities. On-time.

Time-Off Tracking
We can track the collection and usage of hours, PTO, Sick and vacation policies. You Employees’ balances are easily visible on their pay stubs.

Suite of Integrations
Our payroll platform integrates with several other services, including pay-as-you-go workers comp and time & attendance.

Payroll and Tax Compliance